Aurora Sporealis

Pink Oyster Fruiting Kit

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Grow your own gourmet mushrooms at home with our fruiting kits.

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A fast-growing tropical oyster species with stark pink flesh. Fruiting in as little as 14 days, this is a great oyster for beginner growers, or those living in warm climates. Pink oyster mushrooms are vigorous growers, fast colonizers, and heavy yielding.  Unfortunately, Pink Oysters are delicate and their shelf life is somewhat short, making it tough for them to appear on grocery store shelves. 

Pink Oysters are vibrantly pink, more so when young, as they start to whiten with age. The shape of the mushroom is the typical shelf-like shape of the Pleurotus species. The edges of the cap tend to curl with age. The mushroom often grows in clusters or large bouquets. The underside of the mushroom has the deepest pink color, as the spores are white. The mushroom can be quite thick and meaty or delicate and thin, depending on growing conditions. The flavor is strong and reminiscent of seafood, and can be fried like calamari.

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