Fresh Gourmet Mushrooms

We offer a variety of fresh gourmet mushrooms to the northern BC region from Houston to Prince Rupert to Stewart. 

You can find our mushrooms at the following locations:

in Hazelton at the Hazelton Health Food Store
in Smithers at Out of Hand and Nature's Pantry
in Terrace at Skeena Valley Meets

You can also contact us directly to preorder or order for pick up.


We grow the following gourmet mushrooms:

Oyster Mushrooms

“Oyster mushrooms” are the common name of one member of the Pleurotus genus—more loosely, all members of the genus can be called oyster mushrooms. All of them are edible, most have a mild, perhaps faintly fish-like taste and a tender smooth texture (quite unlike that of shellfish). Both taste and texture vary slightly with species. Some are considered better than others, though the flavor is generally still a variation on the same theme.  There is a large variety of Oyster mushroom strains available, here at Aurora Sporealis we work with varieties that we have narrowed down to be the most popular with consumers.

Our Oyster mushroom line-up includes: Blue Oyster, Elm Oyster, King of Pearl Oyster, White Oyster, King Oyster, Black King of Pearl Oyster, Pink Oyster and Tree Oyster.  

Lion's Mane

Also known as Hericium erinaceus, Lions Manes flavor has been described as mildly sweet, with a texture and flavor reminiscent of lobster or crab meat. With centuries of use in traditional Chinese medicine, modern scientific tests have revealed that lion’s mane does offer a number of nootropic (mind-affecting) benefits, boosting cognitive function and helping to enhance memory. It’s considered the world’s first “smart mushroom,” with proven improvements in cognitive function and nerve regeneration, which could potentially benefit those suffering from dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, peripheral neuropathy, seizures, anxiety, depression, and muscle cramps and spasms. Research is still ongoing to determine the best ways that lion’s mane can be used in these situations.


The Chestnut mushroom, or Pholiota Adiposa is a culinary delight. This mushroom has a mild earthy flavor with notes of a peppery finish, and the texture excites an average dish with variation and plays very well in creme sauces. It excels in miso and other brothy soups; or add it to a stir fry or substitute into your favorite sauce recipe.  It can also be seared with garlic and oil or butter and added atop salad or in spring rolls.