Four Fun Guys

Aurora  Sporealis was developed through a shared love for The Majestic beauty of the North.
The experience of the Northern Lights during a winters starlight sky leaves one in shear astonishment of the magic and mystery of nature. This same wonderment and awe inspiring connection with the natural world can be found along the forest floor in what has aptly been coined “The Fungal Kingdom.”

In the winter of 2020 in a small northern town in BC, Four pals with a shared love for Fungi, decided to partake in an endeavor to share their excitement for mushrooms with those who have yet and continue to be in love with them.

We are devoted to explore ways in which we can work with nature rather than against it. The potential of Fungi to address a plethora of global issues is vast. The science is still very much in its infancy but already Fungi have been used to replace styrofoam, plastics, building insulation and leather.

The medicinal benefits seem to be endless from killing cancer cells to enhancing cognition and even relieving stress. Environmentally, mycelium has proven to be effective in cleaning polluted soil, filter contaminants from water ways and even breaking down plastics.

At Aurora Sporealis we are here to help do natures work, and we hope to inspire you to do the same.