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Fruiting Kits

Do I need anything else other than the Kit for growing?

Our kits come with instructions, fruiting block, and small spray bottle to provide moisture throughout the mushroom development. You don't need anything else.

How much water should I spray on the mushrooms each of the 3-5 times/ day?

You can give it 5-10 sprays with the little spray bottle that comes with the kit. Fold the cut plastic flaps from the X you cut away or under and spray it right on the opening. We would suggest to place the kit in a place you pass frequently and every time you pass it you can give it a spray. 

Kit Size

Our Fruiting Kits contain a 5 lbs fully myceliated fruiting block.

What are good Starter Kits?

Our Oyster mushrooms (any type) are both easy to grow and very aggressive.

How long will they last and/or produce?

Our grow kits are generally good for 2-4 harvests.

What is the difference between mushroom grow kit and mycelium grain spawn?

Mycelium grain spawn is used to make your own fruiting blocks/kits. If you just want to watch mushrooms grow,  you want the kit. Kits are perfect for beginners, as you just have to focus on growing the mushrooms and learning the life cycle.

Do they come fully colonized or do they have to sit awhile after they arrive to fully colonize?

Our kits come fully colonized. Once you receive your kit, review the instructions and start the journey of growing. 

There is liquid forming inside my grow kit, is this normal?

Liquid forming in the bag is normal, its called metabolites.

I would like to buy a Fruiting Kit as a gift, will it keep for several weeks until opened?

That's a thoughtful gift! Inside the Fruiting Kit is a living organism, so we recommend activating it upon receipt by slicing the bag open. If you need to wait, you can store them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight or in a refrigerator for around 4 weeks.

All of these species used in our kits are very vigorous and viable, so after storing for a few weeks, they may start fruiting in the bag! It's no issue, but some recipients can be surprised or concerned which is why we have activation and storage recommendations.



How do you ship your products?

We use Canada Post and the shipping cost will be calculated at checkout.

Will selecting priority mail guarantee that my order arrives in 2 days?

It won't guarantee the 2 days, unfortunately given that we are in Northern BC it will be rare to see a shipment be delivered in 2 days from the time it gets dropped off at the post office until it gets to your door. Allow for extra time as it will most likely be 3-5 days before it arrives.

I haven't received notification/confirmation of my order, did my order go through?

Once you place an order we send out confirmation to the email provided. We also send out an email once your order has been shipped. Please check your spam/junk mail folder for notifications.